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100 kr - Lantbruksdjur - Ockelbo - Har en Ayam Cemani tupp till salu är född 5 juni i år Vill ha egna damer nu : 100 kr - Fågel - Laholm - Osorterade. 8 st kläckta 12 augusti säljes helst tillsammans. 100 kr s 100 kr - Lantbruksdjur - Umeå - Har några tuppar, av den helsvarta rasen Ayam Cemani, till salu. Kläcktes 19/6. Lånad bild, dessa är yngre

☆ 《 6 Rare Ayam Cemani Svarthona Hatching Eggs, Totally Black Pure》 ☆ $178.86. $16.95 shippin 750 kr - Lantbruksdjur - Torsås - Snygg och trevlig, vackert grönskimrande ungtupp. Ca 6 månader gammal. Hund och kattvan Ayam Cemani Acres. Genetics. Genetics you can count on... We focus on four categories and isolate specific traits into several breeding programs spread out over dozens of control groups. The four categories are Fibromelanosis, Size, Egg Production and Feather Luster; Without going outside of the range of breed standard

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Ayam Cemani härstammar från Indonesien och är en hönsras som är helt svart, Cemani betyder helt svart. Hönsen ska vara svarta (nägg, ben, klor, ja allt) redan som dagsgamla kycklingar, vuxna djur ska skimra i grönt i ljuset och man kan nästan få känslan av att vilja knacka på fjäderdräkten som bör vara hård utan dun Många tuppar vid kläck resulterar i att jag nu måste sälja några av våra renrasiga Ayam Cemani-tuppar. De är kläckta 8 mars så i skrivande stund är de ca. 18 veckor. Fina och sällskapliga. Det finns 3 stycken till salu och priset är 350:-/tupp. Finns i Vrigstad Ayam Cemani for Sale UK: The Rare Black Chicken from Indonesia with A Mysterious Charm. Ayam Cemani For Sale Uk - The word of Ayam in the Indonesian language means chicken.Then cemani comes from the ancient Java language which means all-black


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Ayam Cemani Welcome to the Dark Side If exotic and exceedingly rare describes the chicken you are looking to add to your flock, then the Ayam Cemani is for you! Originating in Indonesia, the Ayam Cemani is considered sacred in its homeland, used for centuries in religious rituals. Imported relatively recently to the United States, this breed is extremely limited in numbers and can. The Ayam Cemani chicken is not going to be good if you want an egg-laying breed. At most, you are probably going to get 80 eggs per year from one hen. The hen can often not lay an egg for months and months at a time too. The Ayam Cemani egg color is not black, as many people think The Ayam Cemani is not yet recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA.) Presently, the US Ayam Cemani Breeders Association is currently working on a standard of perfection for this breed. Aesthetically, Ayam Cemanis have extraordinary pitch black feathers, black beak, black skin, black organs and black bones

Ayam Cemani. Ännu finns det några avelsägg till salu från våra rastypiska helsvarta AC. Levererar inom Sverige. PM vid förfrågan. Ayam Cemani är en hönsras med ursprung från Java i Indonesien. Kallas hönsens Rolls Royce. Men jag tycker de mer är Ferraris. Den är helt svart, svarta fjädrar, klor,kam o hud. Köttet är mörkt Ayam Cemani are friendly birds, and the hens lay about 60 to 100 cream-colored eggs their first year. A typical laying cycle lasts for about 20 to 30 eggs, then the hen will stop laying for three to six months. The eggs are unusually large in proportion to the size of the hen's body. Despite. ayam cemani. pÄrlhÖns. vaktlar. blandgrupp vÄrpare. ankor & gÄss. kalkoner. mina priser. till salu.... sÅhÄr bor djuren. antal besök: fotoalbum har en besÄttning . pÅ nÅgra tuppar och ett gÄng hÖnor fÖr kommanden avels sesong 2018

Our Ayam Cemani are cold & hot weather hardy, low maintenance, tame and easy to handle. In 2014, Ayam Cemani, the famous black chickens, were first legally imported into the United States by Greenfire Farms despite the current USDA export ban on importing birds from Indonesia Ayam Cemani. 22 likes. Raszuivere en geringde AyamCemani met Vlaamse, Belgische en Schotse bloedlijn van Mc Clai

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  1. Full fart i Cemani-äggen. Titt-ut lagom till påsk. Ayam Cemani - Långgärde Höns - Sthlms Skärgård. 254 views · April 6, 2017. 0:45. Härlig blandning av Ayam Cemani, Engelsk Araucana och Silver Brakel. Ayam Cemani - Långgärde Höns - Sthlms Skärgård. 326 views · March 19, 2017
  2. Hur ska jag säga ayam cemani i Engelska? Uttal av ayam cemani med 3 ljud uttal, 1 innebörd, 1 meningen och mer för ayam cemani
  3. Ayam Cemani is a melanistic breed, which means an overdevelopment of melanin. Their ink-black feathers shimmer with a metallic sheen of beetle green and purple. The Ayam Cemani are friendly birds, and the hens lay about 60 to 80 cream-colored eggs their first year, after that it can increase to 60-120
  4. Get the best deals for ayam cemani at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items
  5. 6+ Rare Ayam Cemani Fertile Hatching Eggs, Totally Black Pure Rare Breed Unique. $179.96 +$16.95 shipping. Make Offer - 6+ Rare Ayam Cemani Fertile Hatching Eggs, Totally Black Pure Rare Breed Unique. 12+AYAM CEMANI Hatching Eggs-GFF FLF FFF 5th Breeding Season Incl.
  6. Get the best deals for ayam cemani hatching eggs at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items

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  1. Our ayam cemani cockerals / roosters (and all our ayam cemanis for that matter) are hand raised and very friendly.The ayam cemani is a friendly and social breed by nature with tons of personality; so get ready for some entertainment from these funky chickens. We spend tons of time with them, petting, talking and holding from hatch to maturity
  2. Ayam Cemani day old chicks, pullets, pure black hens, and black roosters for sale. Rare chicken breeds sold locally raised on organic sprouts, herbs, and good husbandry. Chickens for sale near Denver in Strasburg, Colorado
  3. Ayam Cemani Welcome to the Dark Side If exotic and exceedingly rare describes the chicken you are looking to add to your flock, then the Ayam Cemani is for you! Originating in Indonesia, the Ayam Cemani is considered sacred in its homeland, used for centuries in religious rituals. Imported relatively recently to the United States, this breed is extremely limited in numbers and can.
  4. Explore 18 listings for Ayam cemani for sale UK at best prices. The cheapest offer starts at £2. Check it out

AYAM CEMANI HATCHING EGGS. This advert is located in and around Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs Available Beautiful rare breed which will stand out in any flock. I hatch these myself and had 100% fertility this year. Eggs are collected to order. Can do.. Ayam Cemani The Ayam Cemani, (ayam means chicken in Indonesian, while Cemani denotes the village where the bird originates), is a very unusual and exotic Chicken breed from Indonesia. It's known for being entirely black from toe to head, and even its internal organs, flesh and bones are black too The Ayam Cemani hen typically just lays around 60 to 100 eggs during their first year, with the normal cycle delivering 20 to 30 eggs. These flying creatures normally quit laying for around 3 to a half year after each cycle. Ayam Cemani eggs are particularly useful Ayam cemani walik satu pasang dewasa harganya Rp. 2.000.000 Juta dan yang masih kecil di banderol Rp. 300.000. Asal mula cemani walik ini karena memiliki bulu yang terbalik. kalau istilah jawa walik itu terbalik. Harga ayam cemani putih; Ayam cemani putih dewasa per ekor kurang lebih ya Rp. 2.000.000 Juta

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Get the best deals on Poultry Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices Ayam Cemani were originally bred in Indonesia, only recently coming here to the US. They are a rare breed that has gained popularity due to their fascinating appearance. My Cemani flock is a mix of 3 different lines, in an effort to improve genetic diversity which has been a problem with this breed Our Greenfire Farm Ayam Cemani bloodline, that we sell, were first imported into the US and featured on Time Magazine in 2014 wearing million dollar jewelry. Ayam Cemani originate in Indonesia and are known to have black feathers, black skin, black comb, black wattles, black flesh, black organs and black bones

Ayam Cemani Roosters Sale - $80. Ayam Ayam Cemani young Roosters (elite Bloodline) Lamborghini of poultry- excellent quality Roosters all black - black feathers, black skin, black comb and wattles, black flesh, black organs, black bones.8 month Old (roosters only) - $ 80Please text: or visit our website https:/. Ayam cemani di Indonesia bukan bahan masakan yang biasa diolah menjadi masakan umum. Berbeda dengan di China, ayam hitam di sana yang disebut ayam silkie biasanya diolah jadi sup herbal. Kalau penasaran, berikut resep sup ayam hitam ala China berdasarkan Tablespoon.com. Resep sup ayam hitam. Bahan. 1 ayam cemani; 8 kurma merah alias jujube; 1. Ayam Cemani Breed History. The history of the Ayam Cemani is imprecise at best. As mentioned in the introduction this breed was only recently discovered in the west. Although they have been known in the East Indies for a long time. The chicken can trace some of its ancestry back to the Kedu chickens of Java

Ayam Cemani Egg Laying. The Ayam Cemani is a fairly poor egg layer. On average they will lay around 80 eggs per year which is around 1 egg per week. They do seem to go 'off lay' for an extended period of time. Apparently they will lay 20-30 eggs and then stop laying. This can be up to 6 months, and then they will start all over again Ayam Cemani stammer fra Java Indonesien. Ayam betyder høne og Cemani er landsbyen, hvor de blev opdaget. Der findes mange varianter og krydsninger af racen, men jo sortere høne, jo mere værdifuld er hønen, da overtroiske mennesker i Indonesien tror den besidder mystiske kræfter. Ayam Cemani er så vidt man ved først blevet importeret til [ Ayam Cemani chickens are known as the Lamborghini of chickens, highly sought for their all black appearance, indeed, they are one of the most exotic chicken breeds available. The Ayam Cemani chicken originates from Indonesia, with black feathers, black skin, and black eyes, the entire chicken is an extravagant shade of black, with shimmering feathers and sharp features Ayam Cemani, Ngomongin Lamborghini yang terbayang pasti sebuah mobil.Kemewahan dan harganya yang selangit menjadi salah satu impian besar bagi orang-orang. Siapa sih yang gak mau mobil ini, begitu juga dengan ayam legendaris satu ini.. Ayam hias ini terkenal dengan harganya yang sangat mahal

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  1. When ayam cemani chicken child, this black color will appear. But time by time this black color will change become white color because to bite some foods. Feather. The feather has black in color. If ayam cemani chicken before is intersected with another chicken, so the black color of the feather can not be full, just about 95%
  2. Haner, 5 stk., 2 stk. grå haner og 1 stk. sort hane af race Aruacana hvor hønerne lægger grønne æg, sælges til 80 kr. pr. stk. 2 stk sorte Ayam Cemani haner, med sort kød sælges 80 kr. pr.stk Kan bruges til avl eller til madlavning Opvokset fritgående på område med træer og med god plads
  3. Tidak dapat dipungkiri lagi bahwa ayam cemani merupakan salah satu jenis ayam hias termahal di dunia. Bisa dikatakan bahwa ayam ini adalah Lamborghini-nya ayam. Karena ayam yang berasal dari Indonesia ini terbilang cukup langka dan harganya untuk seekor anakan ayam cemani yang berumur satu hari saja bisa dihargai 2,5 juta di Amerika
  4. eral diperlukan oleh tubuh. Menurut penelitian, daging ayam cemani lebih banyak mengandung hemoglobin dibandingkan ayam kampung biasa. Oleh karena itu, dagingayam cemani sangat baik dikonsumsi ibu hamil. Ayam cemani merupakan salah satu varietas ayam kampung

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Till salu; Contact; Login; Gold Standard Af WEBSHOP . Här hittar ni snart en helt ny kul webshop med mestadels hundrelaterade produkter. så kika gärna in snart igen . Drivs av WordPress och Treville. Ayam Cemani are notoriously difficult to breed and comes with a high cull rate. If you're getting started with the breed, here's how to breed your Ayam Cemani and see better results straight away instead of wasting time and energy on chance breeding Ayam Cemani - Långgärde Höns - Sthlms Skärgård, Värmdö Municipality. 503 likes. Uppfödning av höns och äggförsäljning. Ayam Cemani. Säljer avelsägg av.. Ayam Cemani may have also been brought to Europe by Dutch seamen. The Congolese-Belgian philanthropist Jean Kiala keeps the largest collection in Africa with 250 breeding pairs. These are preserved in a breeding program by the African Ornamental Breeders Association (AOBA) in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo Ayam Cemani Breed. This breed is thought to be the rarest chickens globally and quickly becoming a firm favorite of USA breeders and poultry owners. It is a fairly modern breed that comes from Indonesia. It was first imported to Europe just 22 years ago, in 1998

Ayam cemani (Tustin) < image 1 of 2 > QR Code Link to This Post. They're 3 - 4 months old, has been vaccinated and are for $30 - $40 each. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7214862263. posted: 2020-10-16 04:11. updated: 2020-11-03 09:10. email to friend ♥ best of . safety tips Ayam Cemani, Kota Surabaya. 3 likes. Peternak Ayam

Ayam Cemani T-Shirt XXL: 20.00: Add to Cart. To honor one of the most amazing chicken breeds in the world, Greenfire Farms created our own Ayam Cemani t-shirt! Loaded with style and interesting Cemani factoids, this shirt will allow you to inhabit that rarified space where fashionista meets chickenista Valley View Ayam Cemani Chicks are currently priced at $99 per chick. The minimum order is (3) day-old chicks. You may order fewer than (3) chicks via a special order and depending on your location, but it is not a practice we recommend and the Live Chick Arrival Guarantee will not apply Jumlah ayam Cemani yang sedikit bikin harganya mahal. Keberadaan ayam Cemani yang gak banyak di dunia, termasuk di Indonesia menjadi alasan kenapa harga ayam ini mahal banget. Gak diketahui pasti berapa populasi ayam ini sekarang. Baca juga: Soal RUU Minol, Kemenperin Sebut Usulan Panja DPR Az Ayam Cemani egy indonéziai tyúkfajta.. Története. A fajtát Indonéziában évszázadok óta használják különböző szertartásokon. Európába először a holland Jan Steverik importálta 1998-ban. Európában főleg Hollandiában, Németországban, Szlovákiában és Csehországban tenyésztik.. Fajtabélyegek. Az egész tyúk fekete, a tolla, a bőre, a csőre, a taraja, a húsa.

Härlig blandning av Ayam Cemani, Engelsk Araucana och Silver Brakel. Härlig blandning av Ayam Cemani, Engelsk Araucana och Silver Brakel. Hoppa till. Full fart i Cemani-äggen. Titt-ut lagom till påsk. Ayam Cemani - Långgärde Höns - Sthlms Skärgård. 256 visningar · 6 april 2017. 1:02 Hur säger ayam cemani på Indonesiska? Uttal av ayam cemani med 1 audio uttal, och mer för ayam cemani Daylily Acres Ayam Cemani Location: Newbury, VT 05051 Phone: 802-866-9927 Email: shawngonyaw@gmail.com. Virginia. Fancy Chick Farms April Vokes Location: Winchester, VA 22602 Email: fancychickfarm@gmail.com. Washington. McNiel Ayam Cemani Ashley Place Location: Olympia, WA 98501 Telephone: (360) 388-4019 Email Address: hono89@live.co Ayam Cemani are friendly birds, and the hens lay about 60 to 100 cream-colored eggs their first year. A typical laying cycle lasts for about 20 to 30 eggs, then the hen will stop laying for three to six months. The eggs are unusually large in proportion to the size of the hen's body

Ayam Cemani adalah salah satu jenis ayam dengan harga jual fantastis | Exotic Meat Markets AKURAT.CO Ayam cemani memang menjadi salah satu jenis ayam yang tidak hanya populer di Indonesia tetapi juga di luar negeri. Bahkan, ayam cemani ini pernah terjual dengan harga mencapai Rp70 juta. Selain itu, ada juga yang menggunakannya sebagai pesugihan Keberadaan ayam Cemani yang gak banyak di dunia, termasuk di Indonesia menjadi alasan kenapa harga ayam ini mahal banget. Gak diketahui pasti berapa populasi ayam ini sekarang. Namun, dari informasi yang beredar tahun 2017, jumlah ayam ini disebut-sebut mencapai 3.500 ekor di dunia Ayam cemani dianggap sebagai hewan eksotis dan disukai oleh para peternak. Sehingga menjadi kebanggan tersendiri untuk bisa memiliki hewan unggas yang satu ini. tidak hanya itu saja, ayam cemani juga adalah hewan yang pintar dan juga bersahabat sehingga populer di kalangan peternak di amerika. 2 Ayam cemani ini sangat jarang ditemui di pasaran, pasalnya ayam cemani ini memiliki harga yang cukup mahal di kisaran 2,5 juta hingga 5 juta per ekornya. Memiliki harga mahal, ayam cemani sendiri lebih umum digunakan untuk ritual adat ketimbang dikonsumsi. Pasalnya, ayam cemani dikenal memiliki kaitan dengan hal-hal magis Mahalnya harga jual olahan ayam cemani mengikuti tingginya permintaan ayam tersebut. Tidak hanya daging, masih kata Sultan, harga telur ayam cemani pun fantastis. Telur ayam cemani untuk ekspor dihargai Rp250 ribu per butir, sedangkan harga lokal Rp35 ribu. Jika kami bisa mengekspor dalam bentuk DOC harganya jauh lebih mahal lagi

Ayam cemani adalah ayam yang memiliki warna hitam legam di sekujur tubuhnya. Dari buku, jengger hingga kaki dan dagingnya. Karena warnanya itulah, membuat ayam cemani selalu dikait-kaitkan dengan hal mistis. Di Indonesia, ayam cemani populer sebagai pelengkap sesajen untuk ritual-ritual Lovingly named the Lamborghini of poultry, this beautiful bird is as rare as they come.They are somewhat hard to come by in the United States, largely due to a hefty price tag.An Indonesian breed, Ayam Cemani originates from the island of Java in Indonesia, where it is thought of as having mystical powers such as facilitating communication between the living and the spirits Average Straight-Run Ayam Cemani Chicken Price: $80. Gypsy Shoals Farm is one of the best places to buy Ayam Cemani chicks if you plan on starting a small backyard flock. You can't buy Ayam Cemani chicks separately, nor can you mix and match with other breeds - you will have to purchase at least six chicks in your order Ayam Cemani. A well known breed of chicken originating from Indonesia. This intriguing breed has dark skin, bones, and meat. A mystical breed used in ceremonies and thought to bring luck to its keepers Ayam Cemani. Sorry for the delay! Info coming soon! SHOP. Quick View. Ayam Cemani - Started Juvenile Out of stock. Quick View. Ayam Cemani - Fertile Hatching Eggs. Price $100.00. Quick View. Ayam Cemani - Day Old Chick. Price $45.00. Liberty Center, Ohio. OhioWillowAcres@gmail.com / 419-704-1001

The Cemani name originates from a majestic species of chicken, Ayam Cemani. We use only the top quality chicken skin in the world for you. Proudly Crafted Chicken Skin Snacks *MONSTER SIZE* Tom Yum Chicken Skin (80g) *MONSTER SIZE* Tom Yum Chicken Skin (80g) Regular price $7.90 Sale price $7.90. The Ayam cemani may also be a genetic relative of a similar all-black chicken from India: the Kadaknath. Like the Kadaknath and the Ayam bekisar chicken (another Indonesian subspecies of the kedu), the Ayam cemani has a dominant gene that causes dermal hyperpigmentation, known as fibromelanosis. These chickens are entirely black, inside and out Ayam Cemani Chicken. What are you thinking when you firstly hear the word 'all black chickens'?That's a suitable term to mention ayam cemani chicken.As we mention in the previous section that cemani chicken is one of the most unsual and interesting breeds How to Hatch Chicken Eggs Naturally without electricity, YES the Broody Hen Method auto-incubation - Duration: 17:19. Frederick Dunn 339,449 view The Ayam Cemani is a generally healthy breed of chicken and doesn't have health issues related with it. The breed is hardy and tolerates most environments well. If you're interested in breeding these birds, it's important to really understand how the genetics of the breed works to make sure that you produce the true black birds

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Ayam Cemani they are VERY tiny when hatched and don't ship too well that small. They are very fragile. I do not ship them until they are at least a week old. They are also very prone to pasty butt which you need to keep a very close eye on. Sep 13, 2017 #4 BawkBawkGoose In the Brooder Appearance Kangwira [CC BY-SA 3.0]The Ayam Cemani is one of the most interesting - yet striking - chicken breeds you could hope to lay eyes upon. The bird not only has all-black feathers that shine iridescent green in direct sunlight, but they also have black skin, wattles, eyes, comb, feet, bones, and blood Ayam Cemani Day Old Chicks - $45.00 each. All of our chicks are sold as straight run. Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs - $100.00 for 1 dozen. Shipping and handling is $14 within the continental United States. Hatching eggs are shipped Priority Mail through the United States Post Office. We do not guarantee shipped eggs will hatch The Ayam Cemani, as with most Kedu chickens, has a unique crow that was often used by seafarers as foghorns on their boats. Sometimes considered a landrace bird, the Ayam Cemani is often thought of as a harbinger of good luck. The blood and many other parts of this chicken are frequently used in traditional medicine and religious ceremonies Ayam Cemani last year, with a view to breeding. It turned out to be a bad year, flooding, and a dog attack lost me one of the trio, I managed to hatch 2 chicks, which died due to mosquito attacks. After that She didn't lay many eggs at all, and I got no more chicks

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Ultra rare and exotic Ayam Cemani Chicks for sale. Top quality boutique breeder. Order Online Today! Beautiful Cemani Day Old Chicks. We ship nation wide · The Best Cemani In The US. NPIP Certified independent boutique ayam cemani hatchery. Proud Ayam Cemani Breeders Association member En liten film om min senaste hönsras Ayam Cemani. En trevlig och mycket flygg hönsras som passar bra även här i nordiskt klimat

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Ayam Cemani are considered the Lamborghinis of poultry. Never has a breed captivated so many hobbyists across the nation like the Cemani have. They reached an all-time high price of $5000 a breeding pair when they were newly imported. I got my breeding stock directly from the importer,. Ayam Cemani The Exotic Black Chicken of Indonesia. Ayam Cemani is amazing chicken breed. This beautiful bird has totally black color entirely his body, black feathers, black skin, meat, bone and deep into their internal organs is black NPIP Certified top quality ayam cemani boutique breeder in the United States. Hatching eggs, chicks, juveniles & adults. 100% raw unfiltered honey. Infused flavored gourmet honey. Ship nationwide. Farmhouse and boho home decor, gifts, jewelry and accessories Welcome to the UK's only Ayam Cemani website. Information on this wonderful breed is very hard to come by, and also, often incorrect. I have created this site, to share information on the magnificent breed, that I have become so very fond of. I have a large flock of birds, and have been breeding them for a number years

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Ayam Cemani USA is a function of Rare Poultry Outpost. NPIP Or340 in Wolf Creek Oregon. RPO is a MG/ MS certified free farm. We raise show birds Ayam Cemani is an uncommon and relatively modern breed of chicken from Indonesia. They have a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation (fibromelanosis), making the chicken mostly black, including feathers, beak, and internal organs. We have 6 weeks old chicks available for $100each. The ACBA is here to encourage responsible breeding through education and collaboration, amongst breeders and enthusiasts alike, for the continued development and improvement of the Ayam Cemani breed in the USA Ayam cemani is a very rare chicken,100% all black inside and out . They come from Indonesia. Also have Cochin chicks, this breed is full size chicken. (Not bantams) both breeds are good egg layers. All sold as straight run.5-6 weeks old

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Ayam Cemani mix chicks - some may be pure ayam cemani - the potential hens (mothers) include barred rocks, ayam cemanis, and/or production blues from TSC. The possible roosters (fathers) are ayam cemanis or a brahma. (If unfamiliar with ayam cemani breed, I highly recommend looking it up--it's fascinating!) 8 chicks available When you are trying to breeding ayam cemani, hoping that your cemani will grow so well and have high-quality, you need to have good-quality of ayam cemani chicks first. Caring for children well will produce good children, educating children well will produce a smart child I ordered 3 Ayam Cemani and i received 12 more chicks with my order, so they would stay warm and make the trip. So i will differentially order again.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Customer Service is Great Rhonda on Nov 16, 2017 FLF was great to work with, very responsive. I have/will recommend to friends/family. Thanks! Cemani chicks Nadine on Nov 08. How to say ayam cemani in English? Pronunciation of ayam cemani with 4 audio pronunciations, 2 meanings, 1 sentence and more for ayam cemani Join us for the National Ayam Cemani Show on November 7th, 2020 at The MEGA SHOW in Norman, Oklahoma! Meet fellow breeders and learn more about the ACBA! Cash prizes, junior show, raffles, and mor

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Ayam cemani - $400 (Shreveport) < image 1 of 1 > QR Code Link to This Post. These are ayam cemani chickens they are all black Evan there organs are black i am selling them at a high price because they are a rare chicken and I only have two left a hen and a rooster. 200$ each for both 400 Ayam Cemani - $20 (Madill) < image 1 of 3 > delivery available make / manufacturer: Mercer Farm. QR Code Link to This Post. We have some Ayam Cemani's that are $20 each straight run and Rhode Island White's for sale for $15 each straight run. We can deliver for extra fee Ayam Cemani Eggs (Fertile) Ayam Cemani Roosters (often available as we remove birds from our large operation). Ayam Cemani Chics: We do not often offer chics because if you touch it, you own it. We do not allow folks to visit, browse or handling anything unless they own it themselves

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